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Таиланду Посвящается

Написано m.vortnikova , 05 Октябрь 2013 · 1 913 Просмотров

Волкин Стрит
Sebastian B.
Again wandering and wandering on the streets without sense of
what is expressed as an empty life and devoid of all that one can wish... Especially of you. Today I walk and walk to somewhere, looking for heaven in hell and the only I find, are limbos that come and go, taking the sad and wandering souls of the night.

A taste of your delicious nectar hallucinatory and revitalizing. Oh my dear drug, my dear lover, my dear Lilith of Eden, you who condemned me and loved me. I close my eyes and see the world go run a race that leads nowhere, ready to crash into a wall, a race that leaves corpses to his gait. While I walk, who know toward what place. Just I know it is a long night, the best night of my walk.

A stop, a break. The sky opens its curtains and shows me the constellations shine, looked stunned like a slimy that look the crotch that you release between your long and fine silks, that you lift, subtly to teach who you really are.

One, two, three drinks over the bar counter. Voices around here, voices over there, it seems that there is a world around me that I can not penetrate. Oh dear, do not worry you're not the only one that be alone on this night of banal city.

I can understand your solitude, perhaps you are now in your home… Department 1401, fourteenth floor. No one knocks on the door, while an angel is ready to fall and no one will ever know.
The saddest songs sound in that room so obscure that holds you, with an embrace of concentrated coldness. is when you carry your wonderful body to the edge of the knife, in front of you, that window that separates you from freedom. In it reflects your existence, and you ask yourself…

Why? nobody ever could love, why? nobody ever could embrace, why? nobody ever could contain, why? no one could even caress you really… why? oh dear I do not know. I wonder the same thing… perhaps you and me are not of this place.

This is the big night, the best night of my walk… on my way an angel crashed into the sidewalk of this big… and frivolous city.

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